Once there was a band called topmodel

4 Sep



Topmodel was Magnus Schaefer and Rinus van Alebeek on various keyboards and Mireia Guzman who made up spontaneous songs in spanish,german, english and gibberish. To some blind listeners their music reminded them of Malaria or the early Tödliche Doris. In the last years of the first decade of the new century, they were Momus’ preferred supporting act, which took them on a 18 months tour all through Berlin, playing West Germany twice.

Topmodel released one album.


sample one                                                                                                                               sample two


After Magnus Schaefer`s decided to leave the group topmodel continued, but mainly spend their time looking at a glass of milk.

Once two of them came back.

With a brand new idea.


Tarot – Singing!


But now they are gone…